Chick has spent over forty years in full-time ministry.  Most of this time has been devoted to leading and pastoring local congregations, both in the UK and the USA.  He is a passionate communicator and has frequently appeared on national radio and TV, speaking on issues of faith and morality. He has been a regular speaker at major Christian conferences such as Spring Harvest and has contributed frequently to Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday show.


Chick is the author of a number of books including, ‘We Need Saints’, ‘And God Created Sex…’ About-Chick‘Leadership on the Axis of Change’, ‘This Means War’, ‘Others’ (a new look at the story of Jonah), ‘A Terrible Beauty’ (an exploration of the topic of grace). His most recent book is ‘Moving in the Right Circles’ which takes a fresh look at discipleship and is published by IVP. At the moment he is working hard to finish a novel which he hopes to publish in 2016.


In October 2006, after 35 years of ministry in that part of the church, Chick relinquished his position as the denominational leader for The Salvation Army in Greater Manchester. For the last 9 years he has devoted himself fully to reflecting, speaking and writing on issues relating to what it means to be authentic followers of Jesus in the 21st Century.  In that time he has spoken at churches, venues, and conferences throughout the UK as well as in Jersey, Canada, USA, Australia, Norway, and Sweden.


Chick has always been conscious of the fact that as an itinerant speaker it would be all too easy to go round the world telling other people what to do without ever doing it himself. So he remains committed to the church and the community at a local, regional, and national level. He retains strong links with The Salvation Army, worships and preaches regularly at LifeChurch Manchester, and belongs to a group of church leaders who are actively working to foster increasing missional unity among the churches in Greater Manchester. In addition, he is also a trustee of Chapel St, a faith-based organisation committed to a strong Christian ethos and the building and regeneration of our communities through the power of relationships. (www.chapelst.org), and the Chair of Governors at Atherton Community School (http://www.athertoncommunityschool.com/)


Of course, all work and no play, as they say, makes Jack – and Chick – a dull boy. So on any Saturday when Manchester United are playing 11885095_986176148117357_4784329982689606278_nat home and he’s not on a speaking engagement you’re likely to find him in the Sir Alec Ferguson stand at Old Trafford cheering on his local team. His own hopes of playing in the Premier League are rapidly fading, but he does like to keep fit by running just in case United ever need an experienced Scottish mid-fielder! For more relaxing times you’ll find him listening to jazz, reading poetry, drinking coffee or enjoying his wife’s excellent cooking.


Which bring us neatly to the most important thing in his life – marriage and family. He and Margaret looking at each otherhave shared their life and ministry for 47 years. They have two adult daughters, Catriona who lives with her husband Chris in London, and Jeni who lives with her husband Peter in Phoenix.



Chick & Margaret’s commitment to God and to each other is summed up in their joint mission statement:

To model Christian marriage and Christian ministry in a manner that glorifies God and serves as an example to others.




“Chick Yuill was an excellent speaker who communicated with passion and wisdom…. I have just looked at the evaluation sheets for the conference and he has scored 9’s and 10’s out of 10 for all three teaching sessions. People really valued his teaching.”

David Thorpe – Church Army


“Chick is able enthusiastically and naturally to bring people together of differing theological positions that could divide them around common themes that unite them.”

Sally Thomas  –  URC


“Chick is very very funny and yet a very accomplished speaker who will skillfully trim his contribution to his audience.”

Kevin McKenna  –  Roman Catholic


“Chick is as good as it gets!!!”

Spring Harvest Holiday guest


 Listeners to Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday:

“Thank you so much for your mention of Care for the Family on Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2 this weekend. I thought your contribution was brilliant.” Rob Parsons  –  Care for the Family

“Just listened to Sunday morning on I player…Thought your whole contribution was just lovely – you are a really gifted communicator and the warmth of relationship between you and Aled is so evident. ” Joy Wright  –  Ivy Manchester

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated so much of the music and chat on this week’s Good Morning Sunday, but my top marks go to Chick Yuill for his Godly wisdom.  We said several loud Amens as he was talking…” Name withheld


“Chick is a good Christian who speaks common sense which is what we need a good dose of now in the UK to help solve some of the problems…” listener


“I’d love the opportunity to thank Chick for helping me to come to terms with my husband’s imminent death on that day…” listener


“I was very moved by Chick’s Moment of Reflection on this Sunday’s GMS It spoke right to me at a very important time in my spiritual search and journey…” listener


“The highlight of the year for one listener was not Joan Baez, or Dionne Warwick, or Jimmy Carter from the Blind Boys of Alabama … but Chick’s message for his son … ” listener