Thanks for visiting the NEW-LOOK Anvilding, the website devoted to the speaking and writing ministry of Chick Yuill. Whether you’ve visited anvilding in its previous incarnation, or if this is your first visit, let’s fill you in on one or two things that Chick often has to explain to people when they meet him…

Their first question is usually, ‘Is Chick the name on your birth certificate?’ And the answer to that question? Well, the name on Chick’s birth certificate is actually Charles, but where he was born and grew up near Glasgow - ‘way back in 1947! - they almost always shorten that to Chick. Don’t ask why. Nobody knows, they just do! And his surname, Yuill? That’s simply a very common Scottish surname, though it isn’t all that common outside of Scotland. In fact, when Chick lived in Southern California for five years, people were often surprised when they met him for the first time. With a name like ‘Chick Yuill’, they just assumed he’d be Chinese. Half a minute spent listening to his accent soon made his country of origin obvious to them. However, having spent many happy hours in Chinese restaurants, he’s quite happy to be linked to that part of the world.


And anvilding? Well, that’s a different story. Chick has a weakness for poetry in general and a passion for the writings of the great Jesuit priest and poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, in particular. In one of his poems, Hopkins offers a prayer that God will either work in our lives like the gentleness of spring, or that he will forge his will ‘with an anvil-ding and with fire’. Chick’s experience of God’s how God deals with people has led him to the conclusion that, while God accepts us just as we are, he will never give up on us until he has forged us into the kind of people he wants us to be. That means that encountering God sometimes feels much more like the ding of the hammer on the anvil than the balmy breezes of Spring blowing gently on your face. So anvilding just seemed the ideal description for his life and ministry and an apt name for his web-site.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, feel free to explore the site… To find out more about Chick, click on the menu items above.


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